What's the deal with the Site C Dam?

Welcome to the fight against the Site C Dam!

Want to learn more and see answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Site C? Check out http://justthedamfacts.ca/, or take a look at our "Why Stop Site C" page. 

Looking to get more involved? You're in the right place! FightC is out there every day talking to folks about Site C, organizing banner drops, canvassing shifts, rallies and more! We'd love your help:

  • making phone calls to our supporters
  • organizing an event
  • holding a banner at a march
  • canvassing with our teams
  • helping us plan our strategy
  • standing with the big White Elephant
  • wearing a Stop Site C t-shirt to an all-candidates debate
  • making signs & banners
  • creating videos 
  • managing some social media

If you'd like to join our regular canvassing teams, email Ariel Martz-Oberlander at a.martzoberlander@gmail.com. If you'd like to get involved with FightC in another capacity, email moragkh@gmail.com or text 778 998 6793. 

To donate, please go to http://stakeinthepeace.com/.